How To Earn RS Gold By Farming Ranarrs

Posted: 2015-07-08 in Runescape guild
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Farming Ranarrs is a way to earn Runescape Gold. When you have absolutely everything, set off to the herb patch. Following shows how to grow them using the Troll Stronghold patch. There are two possible routes:

earn RS gold


Route one: Start at the number three, and the path is Cyan in color. To get to the starting point you must head through the path you went through to get to Troll Stronghold. You must then run past the thrower trolls and into the cave. The ladder is located near the first Troll General.

Route two: Starts at number one and is highly recommended. To get to the starting point you must use Trollheim teleport (requires 61 mage and completion of Eadger’s Ruse, also requires 44 agility) you then use the shortcuts down the mountain side to get to the base. Then run into the cave and to the ladder located near the first Troll General.

Congratulations! You are finally here at the herb patch! Now you must prepare the herb patch. This is done by raking the patch, then putting your compost down and finally planting the seed. Now you must wait 70 minutes for the plant to finish growing. When you harvest your Ranarr make sure you have Enchanted Secateurs wielded to increase the yield. You now have two choices:

Sell the Ranarr herbs as they are. You can expect around 7,000gp for each of your herbs. If you’ve followed the guide, you should have gotten around 5-10 Ranarrs, so then your money would be 35,000gp turnover with a 10,000gp profit. (Note: This is near minimum profit; you could get more RS Gold.)

The second choice makes more Runescape Gold, but requires level 38 Herblore. Once you have grown your Ranarrs, put them into water filled vials to make a Ranarr Potion. These can be sold for 8,500-10,000gp. As you can tell, the potions make a higher profit than just simply selling the individual herbs.


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