The Runescape Developer Q&A This Week

Posted: 2015-07-07 in Runescape News
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Watch Runescape streams developer Q&A and check YouTube channel, for recap videos of streams you may have missed. Just in case you didn’t catch Tuesday’s Developer Q&A Special on Invention and Elite Skills, here’s a video recap.

If you’re a fan of Treasure Trails, then we’ve got something in store you’ll love. Mod James will be making bespoke map clues and getting you to find the treasure (i.e. membership and Bonds) – so get your spades out and your puzzle-solving hats on!

Following are other news this week:

  • Join Mods James, Pi, Kelpie and Stu on the sofa this week, as well as the Raids team.
  • Grand Exchange functions have been expanded and improved. Thanks Ninjas!
  • Two new transaction slots, one for everyone, one for members.
  • The Grand Exchange and Sale History interfaces have been merged. Look out for further tweaks to the interface in the future.
  • Buy offer searches now include inventory-style icons.
  • Companion App GE functionality has been updated accordingly.
  • Grab Shadow Hero packs on Solomon’s Store while you can. They’re leaving the store after this week.

Enjoy some expeditious adventures this week, and get ready to explore Mazcab from next Monday’s update. Giving views about Runescape by Leaving comments below.


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