Start Fishing And Trade For Runescape Gold In Runescape

Posted: 2015-06-26 in Runescape guild
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The fishing skill is one of the few non-combat skills, which not only allows you collect fish as a raw resource, but also allows you sell catches for Runescape Gold, or trade fish for other things that you can use. Everyone needs food to fight with and fish are the most popular source, making it a very beneficial and profitable skill to have.

Runescape Gold

As an important skill, many RuneScapers rely on for food, since there are many areas full of healthy fish to catch. In order to start fishing, you’re going to need to buy something to catch the fish with, and if needed, some sort of lure. The fishing shop in Port Sarim has a multitude of fishing gear, and they’ll even buy the assorted fish that you catch. There’s also a store in Catherby that sells Members’ gear such as Big Nets.

The place that you can catch a fish, and the type of lures you use to catch it depends on the kind of fish you want to catch. Once you’ve gotten everything together, find a sparkling fishing spot in the water and click on it. You may need to right-click to get the correct option. Your character will continue fishing until your backpack is full, or you click somewhere around you.

Once you begin to get better at fishing, you’ll be able to fish for a wider variety of fish. Once fish are cooked, they can heal your lost Life Points from a fight, and many warriors depend on skilled fisherman to sell them food. After you become an experienced fisherman, you can make a great deal of RS Gold in this trade.

You will find out about each of the basic tools for catching fish and the locations in which you can do so, as well as many other useful tips to help you on your way. For more information on fishing, visit RunescapeGold2007.


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