A Useful Skill In RuneScape — Crafting

Posted: 2015-06-10 in Runescape guild
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Crafting is a valuable skill in RuneScape. You can earn Runescape Gold by making pottery, leather, craft your own jewelry and Battle Staffs, making vials and orbing from hot sand, as well as other helpful uses.

Runescape gold

Start by killing some Cows near Lumbridge, gathering their cow hides. You’ll also need some Runescape gold, including 10gp to cross the toll gate, if you haven’t done the Prince Ali Rescue quest. Depending on your level (and what you want to make) Soft Leather costs 1gp, and Hard Leather costs 3gp each. You’ll also need a Needle (1gp) and some Thread (1gp), which lasts 4 leather items.

After you have your cow hides, visit a Crafting Shop and buy a needle and thread. There is a shop in the eastern side of Al Kharid, and another in the southwest corner of Rimmington. You’ll probably want to use the shop in Al Kharid since it’s close to the cow pen, and there’s a tanner nearby. Here are the locations of the crafting shops:

Runescape gold               Runescape gold

The Tanner can be found in the west part of Al Kharid, so speak to him and choose the type and number of leather you wish him to make from the graphical menu. Now use your needle with the leather and choose the item you wish to craft.

Studded Leather can be worn on the free world, but can only be made in the Member’s land. First craft either a Leather Body or some Chaps. Smith some studs from a steel bar, and then use those studs with the leather item.


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