Learn Life Experience From Runescape

Posted: 2015-06-01 in Runescape guild
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Runescape just give players enthusiasm from game and Runescape Gold? Obviously, it isn’t true. As you know, video games are highly educational. It’s not wasted because every single facet of the game can accurately be applied to real life. A good Runescape player is well-versed in fields such as environmental science, economics, mathematics, underwater basket weaving, and philosophy.

Runescape Gold

  • Leadership is two parts charisma and one part actual talent. In a pinch, you can do away with the third part.
  • Magic is never as cool as trashy fantasy novels make it look, and in fact, it both follows the laws of thermodynamics and is so restricted that it may as well just be weaponized science.
  • Weaponized science also exists, in the form of stimulants, advanced medieval-era weaponry, and more stimulants.
  • Mixing 16 different potions into two vials will give you all of their powers combined.
  • If someone insults you, your honor demands that you must challenge them to a duel.
  • Yew actually exists. Evil Yew exists, too, but only grows on the grounds of Hitler’s bunker.
  • Practice makes perfect. After you make a hundred thousand daggers, you will be really good at making daggers.
  • Everyone needs raw materials. People only need one or fewer sword(s). Prices follow from that.
  • The economy (Runescape gold) is your friend. Like all friends, playing with it is a rewarding way to strengthen your relationship.
  • Every resource is highly renewable but limited by labor, as opposed to the real world where resources are highly limited and labor is not.
  • There are more rhinos alive in Gielinor than there are in the real world, and they’re protected from poaching simply because the poachers have better things to do.

Tip: After all, the game world is different from the real world, and not every game rules is suitable the real world. We ask that you exercise caution when attempting any of this in the real world, and by that we mean that we hope you make your inevitable failure amusing to watch. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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