Try To Play RuneScape Minigames

Posted: 2015-05-06 in Runescape guild
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RuneScape Minigames, Distractions and Diversions and Miniquests are in-game activities often played for fun or rewards. This page shows guides for Minigames, Distraction and Diversions, and one-time-only Mini Quests.

RuneScape Minigames

Risk levels: This indicates the level of risk a minigame poses to the player. Low Risk means either the game has nothing hazardous or that, upon dying, the player keeps all of his or her items. In a High Risk minigame, players can die and will lose their items per the normal death rules. Standard Risk minigames do not directly involve combat, agility tests or travel to dangerous areas. Any kind of action in RuneScape is potentially dangerous, because you can be attacked or poisoned whilst you are doing virtually anything. The risk levels assessed here are directly related to the minigame itself.

Minigames are games that you can enjoy over and over, as many times as you like. Play them for rewards, or xp or for the sheer fun of it.


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