Agility Benefits of RuneScape

Posted: 2015-05-06 in Runescape guild
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Agility is a skill that is only available for members in Runescape. It is slow and takes a fairly long time to train. However it is quite beneficial in a variety of different ways. Having a higher Agility level, for example, increases the rate at which your Run energy is restored. Agility allows access to certain areas and quests of RuneScape, for example, the Agility Dungeon, Yanille, Tirannwn, or being able to do the Regicide quest. The main benefit of Agility, however, is the ability to use the various shortcuts around RuneScape. These shortcuts allow for faster access to a number areas.


More benefits of Agility include being able to:

  1. Catch butterflies and implings without a Butterfly net
  2. Randomly catch two Raw tuna, Raw swordfish, or Raw shark
  3. Randomly receive double, triple, or quadruple loot while pickpocketing NPCs

While training Agility players can be invited by the Talent scout to participate in a Distraction and Diversion called The Pit. Players can be rewarded with cosmetic items along with experience that can help them gain faster levels.


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